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Filthy Rags? --mp3 audio download
This message outlines one of the fundamental errors of Protestant soteriology

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Primitive Christianity digital library

is dedicated to those who are seeking a revival of pure, genuine biblical Christianity. By no means do we want to leave the impression that we have recaptured this "faith once given unto the saints" in its fullness. We continue seeking. What is here is simply sharing what we have learned.

I have lots of material to add to this site in the future, and I am redesigning Primitive Christianity to look like this one, so keep checking the site every few weeks for new additions. If you are hungering and thirsting for more of the kingdom, write us sharing what you have found. We appreciate many various revivals of the past, as the Anabaptist, Bohemian Brethren, Waldensians, Early Methodist, and German Baptist Brethren. Also, tell your Spanish and Portuguese-speaking friends about this site.

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Pride and Humility cover
Pride and Humility by John Brenneman Available in pdf, epub, and mobi formats.

Our World and Our Wealth A message by John D. Martin in video, audio, and text formats. Best message on materialism I have heard in a long while!

Embracing the Gospel of the Kingdom. A message by John D. Martin in video, audio, and text formats.

The Northkill Amish Massacre Video

A documentary/teaching video of a true historical event.

The Spanish and Portuguese articles and books on this site are not the same as the English. Unless otherwise noted, all of the English documents posted in this website are thought to be in the public domain, free to be published for the glory of God. On a few, the copyright status is unknown. Before publishing or distributing in large quantities, please contact me.

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English Books

Scenes from the Life of David Zeisberger
Scenes from the life of David Zeisberger  Very few people know who David Zeisberger was.  What a shame that the life of a dedicated missionary, right here in the USA, should go into oblivion.  David's commitment to God and to the American natives will surely stretch your commitment.  If not, God help you!
Available in pdf, mobi, and epub formats.

Bohemia Revival, Unitas Fratum
The Birth, Life, and Death of the Bohemian Revival
Six centuries ago, God moved among the Bohemian nation and produced a people bringing forth the fruits of the kingdom of God. Called the Unitas Fratum in Latin, the Jednota Bratskrá in Bohemian or Czech, and the Unity of Brothers in English, this group of brothers put to practice the teachings of Jesus, especially vigilant to keep the Sermon on the Mount.
Read the story of the birth, the life, and eventually the death of this move of God.

Through the Eye of a Needle- The Doctrine of Non-accumulation
Through the Eye of a Needle- The Doctrine of Nonaccumulation
This booklet is a bold attempt (one has to be bold to attack materialism) to turn Christians back to actually practicing the words of Jesus, rather than making a myriad of excuses.

The Secret of the Strength
The Secret of the Strength
Read online or download in pdf, epub, or mobi format.
An examination of the 15th-century "Anabaptist" movement, and how it "turned the world upside down" 500 years ago.  You may not agree with the "Anabaptists" in all their doctrine and practice (I didn't) nor the author's conclusions (I didn't), but this book will make you examine your own faith.  But what is happening among the hundreds of thousands of descendents of this move of God?

Anna Nitschmann Biography
Biography of Anna Nitschmann
Anna Nitschmann is an almost forgotten name. Born in Bohemia, she escaped with her family to Herrnhut and spent a life dedicated to serving others. This book is written for young ladies, to encourage them to total consecration, but anyone can profit from it.
Available in pdf, mobi, and epub formats.

the Mystery of the Mark- Anabaptist Missions under the Fire of God
The Mystery of the Mark- Anabaptist Missions under the Fire of God   This book by Peter Hoover looks into the beginnings of the Hutterites and compares their life and outlook with that of a 20th-century mission outreach in Africa.  Whether or not you agree with the authors opinions on mission work or not, the life of these Tirolian believers will--or at least should!--inspire you to faith in Jesus.

Behold the Lamb! PDF Format
The story of "the Moravians".  As well as giving us a peep into the missions of this movement, we find the amazing story that led up to their beginnings.  Stir your soul with this peep into the cogs of the missionary outreach!

The Russians' Secret
The Russians' Secret
This history (incomplete, of course) will open the eyes to the American believer who tends to think that we (English and Germans) have had a "copyright" on Christianity.  God has been at work through the ages in places we have not even imagined!  You will probably not agree with all the Russian believers' methods, doctrines, or practices- I don't- but you will probably be inspired to follow hard after the Lamb that was slain.

The Net of Faith
The Net of Faith
This work is over 500 years old, but just very recently made available to English readers.  Author Peter Chelcicky expounds how Simon Peter's fishing net became ripped and ruined when some great whales got into it and thrashed around.  Can you guess who these "whales" were?  (Hint, it had to to with the union of the church with the state...)

The Faith Worth Dying For
The Faith Worth Dying For

How the Methodists Saved America
How the Circuit Riders Saved America
Did you know that many, if not most, of the early Methodists were non-resistant, refusing to bear arms in the Revolutionary War?  And that they would put out of their class meeting any lady that continued to wear lacy dresses. And yet, they eventually gained 5% of the US population. Can a non-resistant, non-conformed church affect a society in a positive way? Read on!

On Alternative Medicine--Look at the Facts
This book gives an overview of some of the "Alternative Medicine" practices. Be aware of where these came from, and what they are founded upon.

Riches to Rags to Riches in Glory
Riches to Rags to Riches in Glory.pdf
The true story of one couple's journey of faith, putting into practice the teachings of Jesus.

The Martyr's Mirror
Large history of the martyrdom of the saints.

The Problem with "The Problem of Christ" This document is a book review of the book The Problem of Christ by Christopher Gorton. His contention is that "Christ" should be replaced by "king" in our Bible. This is posted here so others can read why I think his proposition is unsound.

The Spiritual Resurrection-Menno Simons  With ample Scripture citations, Menno expounds on the first resurrection and the power it bestows on the recipient.  Old sermon, but still relevant, because being born into the kingdom of God is still relevant.

I add the following two links as references for those who would like more information on The Church of God, Restoration. The "Church of God" movement is my church background.

An Inside Look at the Church of God (Restoration) and Related Denominations
This pdf booklet is just what the title says it is.  See also, The Church of God Family Tree
For more COG information, see also (link leaves this site):More Christ Like: Church of God Restoration Personal blog of Bob Mutch that mentions his past experience (over 20 years) in the Church of God Restoration.

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