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Embracing the Gospel of the Kingdom

In the beginning of the gospel, the gospel was the coming of the kingdom of God to earth, with Jesus as KING. The kingdom was fore and center in the gospel message ... in fact the kingdom was the gospel.

In this message, Brother John D. Martin, from Chambersburg, PA, speaks about the detour that the early church took after a couple of centuries; from having the kingdom of God as the center, to having theological formulas as the center.

With the coming of the Anabaptist revival in the 1500s, following Jesus once again replaced theology as the core of the gospel. But ... about a century ago, theological formulas once again began to replace the kingdom in the Anabaptist movement. In this message Bro. John passionately calls for a return to this gospel. He compares the gospel of the kingdom to the "save ME gospel" that prevails today.

You can watch the video of the original message below or listen to the mp3 audio. The written versions are based on the preached message, but have been edited for readability.

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