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Our World and Our Wealth

In Jesus' teachings, the relation between the believer and his wealth was a key theme. One out of every seven verses in the gospel according to Luke deals with money.

In this message, Brother John D. Martin from Chambersburg, PA speaks about how we so easily just ignore those teachings of Jesus about materialism. And by saying "we," I mean we conservative Anabaptists as well as others.

Early Anabaptism (and other Christian groups) taught that all material goods belonged to whoever needed them, not to whoever happened to have them at the moment. John D. Martin takes us through the Bible showing that this is a biblical idea. John also spends some time looking at John Wesley and how Wesley managed to overcome the temptation of materialism.

You can watch the video of the original message below or listen to the mp3 audio. The written versions are based on the preached message, but have been edited for readability.

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