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Pride and Humility

Cover for the book Pride and Humility by John Brenneman

In the mid 1800s, John Brenneman wrote a series of articles for the Mennonite magazine The Herald of Truth which were put together into booklet form and published as Pride and Humility. We have republished this booklet with the hopes that it will stir God's people back to a simple and humble lifestyle that glorifies God, not self.

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Tracts and Articles


Cry From the Heart

The Great Divorce

The Styrofoam Cross


Sitting in the Gates of Sodom

Divine Love

As Jesus Loved

Do You Really Care?

Mine Eye Spared Thee

Not to Please Ourselves

The Unbarred Door

Come See My Zeal for the LORD!


Face the Battle Singing!


Holiness Unto the Lord

Innocent Amusements-Finney

The Following of Christ

Mark of the Beast



I Don't Want It

The Danger of Riches-Wesley

The Deceitfulness of Riches

Danger of Increasing Riches-Wesley

Kingdom Economics

Through the Eye of a Needle- The Doctrine of Nonaccumulation

Practical issues

Pharmakeia-2000 A.D.

On Alternative Medicine-A Look at the Facts

Finney on Dress

The Idolatry of Television

The Full Gospel Beard

The Fornication Puzzle

Enjoyment of the Pleasures of the Present Life- Letter of John Newton

Sustainable Living series

What's Right about Insurance?


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood...


Is This That?

Primitive Christianity

The Church Fire

The Revival Spirit

Burning for Jesus

Dead Began to Speak


Jesus Our Scapegoat

The Supreme "IF"

Christianity-It's a Life or Death Matter