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My dear brother in the LORD,

I've been wondering of late,

About the love within you,

Of it's fervency and state.


Some things have put me thinking,

And the LORD has burdened me,

About your soul's condition,

And the lack of charity.


Do you see when God does come,

To dwell inside a soul,

Some things have to make a change,

Other things will have to go.


Hatred, malice, envy, strife,

All bad attitudes and sin,

Will have to be put away,

So charity can come in.


One sure sign that God abides,

Deep within a human heart,

Is meekness, humility,

And care for others will start.


Now dear brother, let me point

To the burden of my mind;

It's genuine care for others,

And real concern I cannot find.


You know your cousin downtown?

(He that loves vanity fair.)

You never go to see him,

So I wonder if you care.


And then there's our dear brother,

Lost in Babylon out there,

You never try to lead him out,

So, I wonder if you care.


Now I think of 'Simple Sam'.

(Yes, the one that likes to stare.)

You ne'er offer him a smile,

So I wonder, do you care?


Then there's the drunk on the street,

I saw contempt when passed by,

I have good reason to believe,

that for his soul you do not cry.


Then there is the fallen one.

Him you ne'er try show his error,

Nor lead him from his awful state,

So I wonder, do you care?


And there are countless others,

From you ne'er a helping hand.

So I wonder in the judgment,

how your soul can ever stand.     -Mike Atnip