Tracts and Articles


Cry From the Heart

The Great Divorce

The Styrofoam Cross


Sitting in the Gates of Sodom

Divine Love

As Jesus Loved

Do You Really Care?

Mine Eye Spared Thee

Not to Please Ourselves

The Unbarred Door

Come See My Zeal for the LORD!


Face the Battle Singing!


Holiness Unto the Lord

Innocent Amusements-Finney

Mark of the Beast



I Don't Want It

The Danger of Riches-Wesley

The Deceitfulness of Riches

Danger of Increasing Riches-Wesley

Kingdom Economics

Through the Eye of a Needle- The Doctrine of Nonaccumulation

Practical issues

Pharmekeia-2000 a.d.

Finney on Dress

The Idolatry of Television

The Full Gospel Beard

The Fornication Puzzle

Enjoyment of the Pleasures of the Present Life- Letter of John Newton

Sustainable Living series

What's Right about Insurance?


Power Through Prayer

The Necessity of Prayer

Purpose In Prayer

Possibilities of Prayer

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood...


Is This That?

Primitive Christianity

The Church Fire

The Revival Spirit

Burning for Jesus

Dead Began to Speak


Jesus Our Scapegoat

The Supreme "IF"

The View from Resurrection Acres

View from Resurrection Acres

The view from Resurrection Acres is a series of articles being written for a local advertising paper.
These articles are not necessarily written primarily for spiritual nourishment, yet they do reflect a Christian viewpoint in dealing with the world about us.  I intend to keep adding more articles as time goes, so check back in every now and then.

Sustainable Living

Defining Sustainable Living
Why Sustain?
Sustainability Politics
Fill the Earth
Tilling the Land
Damaged Dirt
Living Dirt
God's Fertilizer Factories
Sustaining Hard Work
Of Mirrors and Millionaires
No-till + No Spray =???
To Be or Not to Be Organic
The Worst Erosion
Icy Dreams
Biomass Gasifiers
The Ultimate Alternative Energy Source
Pedal Power
The "C" Word
Harvesting the Wind
Storing Energy in Weights
Harvesting Gravity
Nature's Ice-maker