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Suddenly the wail of sirens cut the air above the rumble and din of the busy city traffic. FIRE! FIRE! Immediately the atmosphere became charged with excitement. An angry cloud of billowing smoke surged high into the sky from the lower section of a near-by hotel. Quickly I crossed the street away from the burning building as racing fire engines, with screaming sirens and mounted police rushed to the scene. As if by magic, huge throngs of spectators lined the streets irresistibly attracted by the leaping fames.

"Get on fire for God and people will come to watch you burn.", advised John Wesley to a discouraged youthful minister who, seemingly, could not attract a crowd. This cold world needs the warmth of young men and women ablaze with HOLY FIRE from above. The colder the night of sin the greater the need for the warmth of the Gospel message; the blacker the hour, the louder the plea for light; the weaker the world, staggering before immensity of titanic problem, the more desperate the cry for more power. Youth ablaze with the fire from heaven, can meet the need--they will generate heat, light, and power!

Oh, for an Elijah, a Paul, a young man with the dauntless courage necessary to unlock the door of Godís atomic vaults and blast our holiness churches from their filthy caves of rottenness. Oh, for red-blooded men who, in this day of COMPROMISE and WORLDLINESS, will march forth proclaiming Godís burning, scorching, purging Gospel that will bring deliverance to the besieged and battered sons of men.

God needs a man---a man who is willing to be on fire for Him! This is Godís method; He works througb the individual who is ablaze. God glories in taking such a man and working the impossible. On yonder jutting rim of old Carmel, before a host of Baal-priests, the fearless prophet prayed, and with consuming fire God answered. In an upper room in the Holy City, 120 men found that God had not forgotten how to send the FIRE! Young man, place yourself upon the altar for sacrifice or service; drink of the cup of consecration to the last drop and FIRE---HOLY FIRE from heaven will fall upon you making your life a menace to sin and a power in the cause of righteousness. -author unknown