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Most people have probably never heard of Peter (Petr) Chelcicky.  That is too bad.

Living a century before the Protestant "Reformation", Peter expounded and lived out deeper principles than any of the " Protestant reformers" that would come 100 years later.  (He was practically an Anabaptist...)

Very little of Peter's works are available to English readers.  Now, for the first time ever, a part of his most well-known work is made available in said tongue.  The translation was done about 60 years ago, but remained archived in a west-coast seminary until just very recently.

Thanks go to Tom Lock for digitizing this text and making it freely available to use.

Rather than try and introduce Peter and his work, I will let you read for yourself.  The first part of this thesis is an introduction to Peter's life and thought as a whole.

Lord willing, I will be publishing a book about the Unitas Fratum in the coming months.  For now, let Peter's words strike into your heart.  I forewarn you, he is not a mincer of words...


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