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Some claim the cross as the symbol of Christianity.  With a steeple of an hundred feet tall, they lift said symbol up above their chapel. There it sits, speaking—or at least it is supposed to be speaking—to the world of the death of Jesus.

I do not believe in adorning church-houses with crosses nor steeples.  But should I desire to show the world of the power of Jesus, I would put a huge round stone on my church-house steeple.

Yes, a grave-stone!  Rolling away, right down the steeple roof!

The death of Jesus was necessary to pay for the death penalty that we brought upon ourself by our sins.  But the death of Jesus was also necessary to give Him the grand opportunity to rise again from the dead.  And he did just that.

Now he desires to share that power with us.

Read this centuries-old sermon to find out about the “1st resurrection”, and how you yourself can experience it.

The Spiritual Resurrection.pdf