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This site is especially dedicated to the Spanish and Portuguese sections.  Good quality, doctrinally sound literature is probably ten times more available in English than Spanish and Portuguese.  If you know of a source of solid Spanish or Portuguese writings (public domain or with obtainable rights), PLEASE let me know.

Also, let your Spanish-speaking friends know of this site.

I am also interested in any English writings, from the past or present, that promote the resurrected Jesus and his everlasting Gospel.  There are many other English sites that have good materials, so much of what is on this site is personal material not available elsewhere.  As time goes on, Lord willing, I have in mind to select some of the best of public domain material and add it here.

Your suggestions and criticisms are welcome (if they are not from a contentious and critical spirit -☺).

If you would like to receive an occasional email with a short, and spicy, article touching the faith once delivered to the saints, write and ask for the Children of the Kingdom email.

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Tracts and Articles


A Cry From the Heart

The Great Divorce

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I Don't Want It

The Danger of Riches-Wesley

The Deceitfulness of Riches

Danger of Increasing Riches-Wesley

Kingdom Economics

Through the Eye of a Needle- The Doctrine of Nonaccumulation

Practical issues

Pharmakeia-2000 A.D.

On Alternative Medicine--Look at the Facts

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The Idolatry of Television

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Enjoyment of the Pleasures of the Present Life- Letter of John Newton

Sustainable Living series

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Introduction to Caneyville Christian Community


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood...


Is This That?

Primitive Christianity

The Church Fire

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Burning for Jesus

The Dead Began to Speak


Anabaptist Teaching on the New Birth

Jesus Our Scapegoat

The Supreme "IF"

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