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Handmaid of the Lord

Though our names and ages vary, yet no title’s necessary,
Old maid, young maid, single ladies—no such titles in God’s Word.
Yet there is a title given when a maiden walks with God,
The exalted high position of a Handmaid of the Lord.
Such an honor, such a calling for His humble handmaid fair,
Let me cherish every moment He’s entrusted to my care.
I His handmaid give to Him my heart’s devotion full and free,
Working only for His glory, in His service let me be.

Be it therefore to Thine handmaid, Lord according to Thy Word,
Let Thy servant wash the feet of the servants of my Lord.
Thou dost guide and order every life according to Thy will,
I will follow as Thou leadest, and my heart be yielded still.

Free to travel, free to serve, free to study and to learn,
Free to care for things above, offering heart and hands of love.
Single eye, single goal, singleness of heart and soul,
Singled out to serve with passion, joyful in my single role!
Though my future be unknown to me, ‘tis not unknown to Him,
If He offers me “Prince Charming,” yet may it never dim
Any of my heart’s desire, any of my first true love;
May I first and foremost, always, live for Him who reigns above.

Single doesn’t mean rejection, poor material, second-rate,
Singlehood is not a curse, is not brought on by chance or fate.
But positions of true honor, jewels kept with jealous care,
Chosen for a special purpose, being for His work prepared.
Whether called to joyful singlehood, or called to marriage sweet,
Let us live within the moment—worship at the Master’s feet!
True fulfillment in our life will come by resting in His will,
He the greatest Lover of all time our hearts shall truly fill!

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