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This page is NOT the official home page of Caneyville Christian Community, neither does it have any official endorsement. The community is established, as I understand it, on the same ideals as the former Cookeville Christian Community, founded by Elmo Stoll and others. Primitive Christianity Digital Library is not officially affiliated with this community, and cannot vouch for the purity of all its doctrines and practices. Please use this page for informational purposes only.

Caneyville Christian Community

For I know my thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jer. 29:11

Condemned to be free

And being free, they do it well. Never before in the history of mankind have people been so free to choose so many things. And today, the average American believes these sorts of freedom are his "rights".

But this kind of freedom does not liberate. It enslaves us with cruel bonds of emptiness and self-loathing. We may be free, but we do not like ourselves very well. Drugs, insanity, and even suicide finally seem like attractive options to this kind of slavery.

Jesus said that by their fruits we would know them. What are the fruits of this generation? Selfishness, materialism, obesity, perversion, pollution -- the list could go on, and it is not good.

Our comfortable and materialistic lifestyles are not sustainable in the long term. We are consuming a vastly disproportionate share of this world's resources.

What can be done about it? When a culture is so all-pervasive and inter-connected, how could one person or a mere family resist the tide?

The solution is not to run and hide in a remote valley of South America. But neither is the solution to keep sending our children out of the home and into this environment every day. We must not stand by and watch them slide down the path of moral freedom.

"Come out from among them and be separate."

Clearly, if we are going to escape the harmful effects of this generation, we will need to withdraw from some aspects and activities of this American culture. For startes, most families cannot withstand the influence of TV and radio without damage. The same is becoming true of the Internet.

But it doesn't stop there. We need to feed our families good things and give them good companions and examples to follow. We need a community of support. When we are weak, we need others who will encourage us and help us to not give in to the pressures around us. Thousands of people before us have underestimated the strong current of our culture, which is constantly tuging at us to conform, conform.

Americans are free. You and I are free. What hinders us from choosing good and refusing evil?

At Caneyville Christian Community, it is our vision to nurture strong, godly families in a more traditional setting. We don't want to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, but we are serious about this thing of following Jesus with all our hearts. Our vision is to dwell peacefully in a community of "cottage farmers" and small shops, while looking for opportunities to help other struggling souls and needy families.

We are not strong, but God is strong. We are not wise, God is wise. We are failures in the eyes of the world, but God is gracious.

We welcome others to come and walk with us as we withdraw from the modern age and try to live chaste, responsible lives. But even if you are not ready for such a large step in your life, will you at least pray for us that our work might prosper? Your support is appreciated.

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Caneyville Christian Community

1142 Choncie Lee Road

Caneyville, KY, 42721

When you visit...

Of course you're curious about who we are and why we live differently than most people in America. You wont' hurt our feelings by asking questions -- we have nothing to hide and we enjoy hearing how others view us. We understand that yu might want to watch the horses working in the fields or pulling carts.

Please feel free to drive into our community and observe our lives, but may we make a few suggestions that will make it pleasant for both of us?

Wear decent clothing

Please do not display your immodesty in our community. We will both feel better if you are fully dressed.

Watch your tongue

We don't watch television or listen to the radio, and you would be surprised how shocking it is to hear people freely cussing and swearing in our presence. Talk that way at home if you must, but please be respectful while you're here. Better yet, kick the habit.

Don't force us to pose for pictures

This is not a tourist attraction, and we are skeptical of the value of photographs. They have probably done more harm than good.

Drive slowly and quietly

We let our children travel freely on our community roads, and they are not expecting traffic. Give them time to get out of the way, and we, in turn, will try to accommodate visitors all we can.

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